Safety Service

What's the safety service

It's a locating service that allows certain people to know our position at all times during a potentially dangerous excursion. The safety service has two main elements:

- The TABACCOmapp, downloaded to the excursionist's mobile device.
- The Tabacco community, where chosen people can follow our movements in real time.

What does "locating" mean?

Locating means identifying a person's position. Basically, it's knowing exactly where an excursionist is at any particular moment.

Whenever there is a signal the TABACCOmapp app transmits the excursionist's geographical position which can be seen on the online map, making it quick and easy to locate him/her.

What do I need it for?

At the start of an excursion you can activate a link and give it a pre-set time limit (such as 24 hours if your excursion finishes on the same day).

During this time, the person or people you send the link to can follow your movements in real time.