1. Map functions.

Every time you look at a map an element will appear that allows you to see Google's maps and Tabacco maps in 2D or 3D. You can also see Panoramio photos and/or activate an animation that shows you the route in 2D or 3D

If the route is very long you can increase the speed by 2, 4 or 8 times the normal speed.

2. Route functions

For each route you can see the best periods, the type of route and its difficulty level.

If you like the route you can download the trace to your computer then add it to the app using iTunes. You can see a description of the excursion by clicking on STORY-TELLING!

You can label the route: like, done, want to do. That way it will be easy to find the route in your profile under "favourites".

3. Reports.

Each map's right-hand blue menu shows you what's marked on the map: peaks, refuges, dangers, ecc.

Further on in this guide there's a video tutorial on how to add reports.

How to add a report.

Now we'll show you how to add a new report
You can report something about a specific point on the map or about an area that you can draw using our editor.

5. How to add a route.

IF YOU HAVE A TRACE (IN GPX FORMAT) AND THE PHOTOS ON YOUR COMPUTER then look at this step-by-step video

IF YOU HAVE AN IPHONE WITH TABACCOMAPP then just choose a trace on the app interface and click UPLOAD. You'll automatically find, in the community, the trace, reports (waypoints) and photos.

Look at the video anyway because it shows you how to add more photos, add a description, manage the photo gallery, etc.

6. How to add an event.

Gigs in a refuge? Sports competitions? Three Borders Festival?
You can add any event, describe it and position it on the map.

Share it all with the others.

7. Manage your objectives.

Come first? Take half the time indicated on CAI charts? Climb 7 peaks in 7 days?

We see it with a different spirit.

8. Safety service

When you walk in the mountains, try to never be on your own.
If you leave the trail and are injured in the woods, who'll find you?

Before leaving, activate Tabacco's safety service.
Every time your phone gets a signal it transmits the last part of the route you covered.

You decide who can see where you are. Your privacy is important.