1. Main functions

Simple functions, always at hand

Map catalogue, trail recording, GPS position, GPX traces, Augmented reality, etc.

2. Map catalogue.

See Tabacco Maps' coverage, those currently available and yours.

  • the map is planned but not yet available we'll create it.
  • the map's available what are you waiting for?
  • the map has been purchased thank you

3. Augmented reality.

What's that peak called? Where's the refuge we started off from?

With augmented reality, you frame a view and TabaccoMapp does the rest.
You can see the names of the peaks, refuges and towns.

Share with the community

See the links of reports and traces and share everything with the community.
You can share everything with just one click or send yourself an email with everything in it.

All the photos, too, will be sent.